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Pioneer Aerial Surveys is a subsidiary of
Global UAV Technologies Ltd, a Publicly listed company: CSE: UAV

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Pioneer is leading the industry in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV remote sensing for mineral exploration, mine site surveys and safety inspections. Our UAV systems are some of the most advanced in the world, custom built in Canada and capable of long flights and diverse sensor payloads.

We proudly developed the first UAV-Mag™ system on the market, and continue to push the limits and capabilities of remote sensing in the exploration industry. Our Research and development team is able to custom design and fly sensor packages to fit our diverse client requirements.​

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Airborne Magnetometer Surveys GSMP-35A Potassium Magnetometer

Ultra-low MOB costs - Our entire airborne system can be transported anywhere in the world at a fraction of conventional airborne survey costs.

Low elevation and tight line spacing capability - Small targets such as kimberlite pipes, lamprophyres, can benefit from low elevation flights and tight line spacing only possible through UAV flights.

Custom Survey Design - We specialize in small to medium-scale (100 to 1000+ line km) UAV-mag™ surveys, where time extensive and costly walk-mag surveys that take weeks can be flown in hours. This eliminates the need for line-cutting, and significantly reduces crew, camp and logistics costs. Sensor resolution is high, and benefits from lower noise than walk-mag surveys due to increased distance from anomalies.

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Potassium Vapor Sensor Specs

· 0.0003 nT @1 Hz sensitivity
· 0.0001 nT resolution
· +/- 0.1 nT absolute accuracy
· 50,000 nT/m Gradient tolerance
· 20,000 nT - 120,000 nT dynamic range
· 10° to 80° and 100° to 170° orientation range
· Heading error less than 0.05 nT combined for sensor spins on all orientations from 10° to 80° and 360° full rotation about axis

Mining & Exploration

· UAV-Mag Unmanned Geophysics survey
· Lidar
· 3D Site Modeling (DEM) and volume calculations
· High resolution Orthophoto for mapping and explorations
· Pit and Pile surveying, detailed imagery modeling
· TailingsDam survey control & remote inspection

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Total field magnetic results on a 50m line spacing survey.